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Hash Browns

Product Information

Golden brown potato patties that are crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, lightly seasoned and packed with potato goodness

  • Ala Carte.: Php 30.00

Burger McDo

Product Information

Our all-time classic burger made even better. Now with a beefier patty and a sweeter, tastier sauce. 

Ala Carte: P36
Small McSaver: P55
Medium McSaver: P65
Large McSaver: P70

Coke McFloat

Product Information

Refreshingly ice-cold Coca-Cola drink topped with creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream and hot fudge

  • Ala Carte.: Php 28.00

Green Aple Sprite McFloat

Product Information

Refreshing ice-cold Sprite and green apple flavored drink topped with creamy vanilla soft serve ice cream.

  • Ala Carte.: Php 28.00

McFlurry with Oreo Cookies

Product Information

Chunky, chocolatey Oreo bits blended into rich soft serve ice cream; made more delicious with twice as much Oreo cookie goodness!

  • Ala Carte.: Php 45.00

Regular Fries

Product Information

Deep fried potato stripes straight cut from whole potatoes, salted, and served hot and crunchy

  • Ala Carte.: Php 33.00

McCafé Premium Roast Coffee

Product Information

Freshly brewed coffee made from 100% Arabica beans with a rich, dark, roasted aroma and a lingering slight bitterness.

  • 8oz.: Php 31.00

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